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Blues Delight - If I Had Money

  • Album: Open All Night, bluesdelight.com Lyrics: If I had money
    I'd buy those people a place to stay
    But all I got
    is a dime
    and I got so little time
    If I had fate
    I'd get down on my knees
    If I had fate
    I'd get down on my knees
    But all I got is bad religion
    And I got nowhere, nowhere to pray
    If I had magic
    I'd clean the whole mess
    If I had magic
    I'd clean that awful mess
    But I am just a working man
    and I am hoping for the best
    If I had money...
    Led by Martine Beaulne on voice and guitars, Blues Delight includes Laurent Trudel (voice, guitars, harmonica and violin), Dave Turner (alto and baritone saxophone), Gilles Schetagne (drums) and Marco Desgagné (bass).

    The quintet’s first foray into recording, the cheerful Rock Island Line album (2007), was followed in 2009 with Open All Night and, earlier this year, Working On It, another quality blues collection produced by band member Laurent Trudel and serving an amazingly vital fare including the blazing “Bad Girl” (a song about a Fender Stratocaster guitar), slower paced selections (“Let’s Go Downtown”), country music sounding pieces (“Outlaw”), slide guitar songs (“Bad Wind”) and demonic instrumental pieces (“Dirty Riff”).
    Turning to the comparatively weak state of the music industry in general and of the blues scene in particular, Beaulne remains realistic.

    “To survive, we have to keep moving and be on the road, but as we all have regular jobs, touring is out of the question.

    Besides, we’re past that age, and not interested.

    Because I have a job, I can afford to make blues music on my own terms.

    As producer of our recordings, I look after all financial matters.

    Blues music has a long history of being creatively rich, but financially poor.

    Right now, the scene is not doing well and can only improve.

    I am in awe of guys like Bob Walsh and Guy Bélanger who are making music on a full-time basis.

    They are the true bluesmen, the outlaws, the rebels.

    They command respect.”
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