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Hawaiian Style Band - Rhythm of the Ocean (HI Sessions Live Music Video)

  • Watch Hawaiian Style Band’s full episode on YouTube: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdPXM3kciNXnkatfRB8AIg4ZKN0-uoD7H
    We’re proud to bring you another HI*Sessions exclusive with the Hawaiian Style Band.

    If you don’t know who they are, well...you must not have been around Hawaii in the 90’s because they were one of the biggest stars of the music scene during that time.
    The three founding members, Wade Cambern, Robi Kahakalau and Bryan Kessler were extremely talented.

    They wrote and performed many of their own original songs that can still be heard on the radio today.

    However the most interesting thing was their idea of a “revolving band” that collaborated with over fifty musicians and producers across their three albums, "Vanishing Treasures," "Rhythm of the Ocean" and "'Ohana".
    Famous artists like Israel Kamakawiwa'ole, the Pahinui brothers (Bla, Cyril, and Martin), Fiji, Teresa Bright, Ka'au Crater Boys, and Del Bezley along with Wade, Robi and Bryan added the perfect magical element that hasn’t been duplicated by any other island recordings since.

    We kick things off with the title track from their second album, "Rhythm of the Ocean."
    Hawaiian Style Band:
    Wade Cambern - guitar, ukulele and vocals
    Robi Kahakalau - guitar, vocals
    Bryan Kessler - guitar, vocals
    Alex Morrison - bass
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    Recorded with the QSC TouchMix digital mixer

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