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Quake III Arena PC Music - fla22k_02


3 months ago

  • Music from the PC version of Quake III Arena.

    Every track was taken from my copy of the game.

    They're uploaded with the same names as what was on the game CD.

    I know some are very short uploads, but they're all available as a playlist.

    Uploaded tracks and durations:

    win (0:19)

    fla22k_01_intro (0:41)

    fla22k_01_loop (1:47)

    fla22k_02 (1:38)

    fla22k_03 (2:21)

    fla22k_04_intro (0:19)

    fla22k_04_loop (1:51)

    fla22k_05 (1:59)

    fla22k_06 (2:09)

    loss (0:17)

    sonic1 (3:05)

    sonic2 (2:22)

    sonic3 (3:36)

    sonic4 (4:14)

    sonic5 (3:15)

    sonic6 (3:30)

    *new* End (0:52)

    *new* Intro (0:52)


    Music by Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly

    Quake III Arena © id software

    Category : New Music


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